Press Release

Utica Control the Border Rally

Press Release
Jim Zecca (315) 725-3771

Upstaters must stand up and say no to the influx of millions of illegal immigrants disrupting our normal economic resources and traditional abilities to provide law enforcement, education, healthcare, and housing to citizens, legal immigrants, and visitors. Subsidizing the dependence of illegal immigrants for future political benefits can only lead to the moral and financial bankruptcy of eventual socialism.
This rally is a call to action by the Constitutional Caucus of New York, Main Street Patriots, and CNY4 Trump Supporters to call for an end to out-of-control illegal immigration and to secure our borders. Petitions will be distributed for presentation to state and national lawmakers.
People are waking up to the realities of abandoning border control. It's a bad policy of weakness and decay. Open borders enable drug smuggling, infiltration of terrorists and criminal gangs, and the return of previously eradicated diseases. How can civil order, well-being, and freedom be maintained when we ignore upholding the rule of law?

We invite all proud Americans who share these concerns to join us regardless of political party affiliation. It's time to take a stand.🇺🇸

Jim Zecca (315) 280-8322
James Herchek (404)-429-9528
Visit us on Facebook at CNY4Trump